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Making Efficiency Affordable

If the words "saving energy" bring to mind turning down the thermostat and sacrificing comfort, forget that image. Today, energy efficiency means getting the most from every kilowatt-hour you use without losing the comfort. At Guthrie County REC, we are constantly looking for ways to keep members’ bills low, including programs to make high-efficiency appliances and equipment more accessible and affordable. Contact Guthrie County REC for the complete list of rebate programs, program details, requirements and qualification information.  All programs subject to change at any time, without prior notice.

All rebate forms must be submitted to the cooperative office within 6 months of the purchase date shown on equipment invoice.
Click on the links below to access the Incentive Forms.

Graphic link to agricultural incentive brochure

2017 Agriculture Rebates
Dairy Operations
Efficient Livestock Equipment
Efficient Livestock Ventilation & Circulation Fans
Ag Lighting

Graphic link to commercial incentive brochure

2017 Commercial Rebates
Adjustable Speed Drives
Air Conditioning
  •  Air Conditioning Worksheet
Commercial Chiller
Custom Rebate/Non-residential
ENERGY STAR® Commercial Kitchen
Geothermal & Water Source Heat Pumps, Air Source Heat Pumps, & Contractors
  •  Heat Pump Worksheet
ASHP Worksheet
Heat Recovery Ventilators
Indoor Lighting

Graphic link to residential incentive brochure

2017 Residential Rebates
Air Source Heat Pump
Geothermal Heat Pump
All Star Home Bonus/New Construction
Appliance Recycling
Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems
Electric Heating Equipment/Rate Incentive
ENERGY STAR® Air Conditioners
ENERGY STAR® Clothes Washer Replacement
Indoor Lighting
Outdoor Security Lighting
Water Heating Equipment
Weatherization Program
Weatherization Program/LIHEAP



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